NUOVA IGB is able to process the plastic components into specific industrial procedures in order to obtain chromed or nickel objects. The galvanic process is completely automatic and technologically advanced.

NUOVA IGB is strongly known in the national and international markets because of the wide range of plastic materials that is able to process with the galvanic treatment, the savings on prices and the customer service provided:

• ABS + PC
• PA 40% mineral filled
• PA 30% fiber glass

The production process is continuously checked through instruments present in each production department, but to verify its own production and guarantee the quality on the final product NUOVA IGB can also provide customers the service of two internal laboratories, the galvanic laboratory and the products test laboratory.

The first one has been organized to analyze the galvanic baths through the most studied and precise equipment. The monitoring of the baths of both the chemical and galvanic line is automatically done through a series of instruments present in each tank and that can communicate directly with the Galvanic laboratory for possible automatic corrections.

The product test laboratory has been organized to analyze the chromed pieces and verify the respect of the specifications requested by the customers.
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